The Reality about Education and Hunger

As an organization, we often say “hunger has no face”.  We do this to remind others that those struggling with hunger aren’t just the homeless, jobless, or uneducated.  In fact, many of them are quite the opposite. 

Did you know that 18% of the households we serve have at least one member with a post high school education? That’s nearly 1 out of every 5 people who receives assistance from our programs and/or partner agencies.

It should be no surprise to know that what we think might cause someone to go hungry, including the lack of an education, isn’t usually the whole story.  Often times, it is other circumstances: job loss, health problems, etc. which cause those we serve to find themselves in need of assistance.  Circumstances which none of us are immune to. 

Regardless of their situation, or how they got there, it is our responsibility as a community to work together to help them. CLICK HERE to learn more about how you can help!







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