Hunger Here

Hunger in Kentucky’s Heartland has many faces. Whether in populous cities or rural counties, hunger impacts someone in your community.

Explore Hunger in Your Community

*Scroll over each county to explore food insecurity rates and learn about our work in these communities.

Empowering Neighbors & Amplifying Voices

Our network of agency partners and programs are on the frontlines of hunger. We hear the stories and struggles of our neighbors facing hunger and we amplify them so that we can make a difference.

Empowering Neighbors: Sarah Warren

Sarah lives off of her social security benefits, which only sustain her through the middle of the…

Empowering Neighbors: Eryaniz’s Story

Eryañiz is a Puerto Rican American teen enrolled in an after-school mentorship program offered by…

Empowering Our Neighbors: Judy

Judy and True Gospel Food Pantry leader Rebecca Allen pictured above. Judy has been visiting the…

Kentuckians in the Heartland are facing hunger but it takes more than food to fight food insecurity.