Empowering Neighbors: Eryaniz’s Story

Eryañiz is a Puerto Rican American teen enrolled in an after-school mentorship program offered by our agency partner, Hope Academy for Kids, and is fluent in both English and Spanish. Eryañiz volunteered as a translator at one of our Equity, Diversity and Inclusion Mobile Food Pantries, ensuring that our neighbors were able to get the resources they needed without language being a barrier.

“I was excited to help,” Eryañiz shared, “being able to speak Spanish is not always treated as a good thing but today I felt like it was.”

Eryañiz acted as translator and assisted other volunteers in distributing food to vehicles as they came through, some of which were her own family.

“I called my mom, sisters and other family to tell them about the good giveaway,” Eryañiz shared, adding that she knew most everyone that drove through.

Over the summer many families, like Eryañiz’s, have higher grocery bills to replace the breakfast and lunch that students would normally get at school. Those additional expenses make already tight budgets tighter and can leave many at a loss of how to purchase back to school items such as clothes, notebooks and more.

You can support our efforts of feeding our neighbors by making a donation today.