What Would You Choose, Heat or Food?

Every day thousands of individuals and families across our service area are struggling to meet their own food needs.  Often times tradeoffs must be made just to put food on the table, tradeoffs that most of us could not even imagine having to make. 

As the cold winter weather continues across our state most of us look forward to the moments when we can relax in the warmth of our homes.  But for many of those receiving assistance through our various programs, this is not something they can count on.  Limited resources often force them to choose between providing dinner for their family or keeping them warm at night.  That is a choice that no one in this country should have to make. 

The good news is that through the help of our partner agencies and supporters, we can work together to make these tradeoffs less frequent by providing them with a stable source of food for themselves and their family. 






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