What Does “Enough” Mean to You?

Thousands of people across the country are already stressing about next week’s big  meal.  They are studying recipes, making grocery lists, and doing their best to make sure they have enough food to feed all the guests they’ve invited. But for many across our region, the measures they take to make sure there is enough food is a little different.

Most of us tend to overindulge on Thanksgiving, and during the holidays in general.  Yet, 36% of the people we serve water down food or drinks just so they have enough to eatThat’s nearly 63,000 people who are trying to provide enough food, not to ensure that their house full of people can slip into a food-coma, but to simply make sure their families don’t go hungry.

There’s nothing wrong with having a nice meal, even if we do overindulge a little.  But this holiday season maybe we can all work together to help provide a nice meal to someone who doesn’t always get one.  Every $1 that is donated to FAKH can help provide 8 meals to those in need.  Don’t we all deserve to have peace of mind when it comes to the food on our table?






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