What Can You Buy With a Dollar?


It used to be that having a dollar in your pocket meant a world of possibilities – you could buy all kinds of stuff.  For example, in the 1940’s, you could buy a flannel shirt, four books, or five boxes of cereal for just that $1.1   Unfortunately, with each passing year, we can buy just a little less with one George Washington.  These days it is hard to buy even a single candy bar for under a dollar. However, despite constantly rising prices, Feeding America, Kentucky’s Heartland can still stretch a single dollar well beyond its face value.

Every $1 Donated = $15 Worth of Food

Through our partnerships with Feeding America, food producing companies, and other food sources, we are able to acquire $15 worth of food for every $1 that is donated!  Even better, $15 will buy roughly 8 meals.  So now you’ve not only turned your $1 into $15, but you’ve also turned it into 8 meals for someone in need.  It’s fair to say there aren’t many things out there that give that kind of return on investment each and every time.

So the next time you have a dollar in your pocket and you’re wondering what to do with it, just remember that dollar could provide 8 meals to a family struggling to make ends meet, or a senior citizen trying to get by this winter, or an individual who has unexpectedly lost their job this holiday season.


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