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  • Empowering Neighbors: Eryañiz’s Story

    Eryañiz is a Puerto Rican American teen enrolled in an after-school mentorship program offered by our agency partner, Hope Academy for Kids, and is fluent in both English and Spanish. […]

  • Transitioning Back to School

    n the coming weeks, school will begin across Kentucky’s Heartland. The free school meals students depend on are no longer available, unless their family qualifies through a lengthy application process which hinges on their income. If a family is above the income requirements, then they will have to pay full or reduced price for school…

  • Without school meals for all, Kentucky children face hunger this summer.

    Over the next three months, thousands of children in Kentucky will spend their Summer worried, irritated, and sad all because of one thing – hunger. School administrators, like Leah Feagin, […]