Pasta Bowl

Are you ready for a deliciously fun way to make a difference in the lives of children facing hunger? Just like the excitement of the Super Bowl, our Pasta Bowl campaign brings together two teams in friendly competition: Team Macaroni and Team Ravioli. Why pasta, you ask? Because it’s a kid-friendly, comfort food favorite.

Here’s how it works. With every donation, you can cast your vote for your favorite team. Whether you’re on Team Macaroni or Team Ravioli, your support fuels crucial programs that feed kids in our community.

Every donation goes directly to supporting Feeding Kids programs, like the BackPack and School Pantry Program, ensuring that children have access to nutritious meals when they need them most.

So, grab your fork and get ready to dig in – because when it comes to feeding kids, every vote counts! Join the Pasta Bowl and together, we can tackle childhood hunger and offer a brighter, more hopeful future.

Meet Jesse – FRYSC Coordinator at North Washington Elementary and Middle Schools. Learn more about the School Pantry program and how they’re bridging gaps, building relationships, and helping ensure that students and their families have the nutrition they need to thrive in this edition of our #IamFAKH series.

Craving change? Join our Pasta Bowl campaign and help us tackle childhood hunger.