Notes on Hunger

Ours is an organization that relies on partners – partners who volunteer to pack senior boxes, partners who graciously donate funds, and corporate and business partners who work with us to fight hunger in our service area. 

Take our Food Rescue Program. With this program, we partner with retail and grocery stores to rescue food that otherwise goes to waste, such as unsold produce, meat and bakery items, incorrectly packaged snacks, or otherwise unsaleable food items that are still perfectly usable. We take those rescued items and redistribute them to families in need, thus cutting down on waste. 

And as we partner with retail and grocery stores, so do we partner with businesses and corporations that are dedicated to helping their communities, such as Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield, who has committed three years and $420,000 to providing fresh produce distributions throughout our service area; and Kroger, who has committed in excess of $20,000 to hunger relief through their Zero Hunger Zero Waste Foundation. And let’s not forget the REALTOR® Association of Southern Kentucky and their work to raise funds and food for children in southern Kentucky. 

Our partnerships with these corporations, and the many others we work with, allow us to come together with the common goal of ending hunger in our 42 counties. Whether they provide funds, volunteers, or awareness of what we do, they all are essential ingredients to Feeding America, Kentucky’s Heartland. 

Hunger is a reality for so many people in our service area, and it takes much to put food in the hands of the food insecure. Many steps must be taken, from procurement through distribution, and we directly feed nearly a quarter of a million people. That doesn’t happen by itself. That happens through a network of community members, partner agencies, volunteers, donors and supporters of what we do. 

And it happens through partnerships of all kinds. If you or your organization are interested in partnering with us for hunger relief, please let us know how you’d like to work together to fight hunger.






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