Notes on Hunger

As we and our more than 230 partner agencies host food distributions in our 42-county service area, we make it a point to talk to people, to gather the stories of those we serve because it is in those stories that we see the true face of hunger.

We hear from the man who cries as he talks about the wife he lost just a month prior. We learn about the families where both parents lost their jobs and are struggling to buy food. We see the tears and gratitude as we help them provide a real meal for their children. 

These stories, while all unique, are also very similar. So many people are unemployed because of the pandemic. Many are struggling to pay medical bills and many are on a fixed income that doesn’t leave much room for food. Several of the people we’ve spoken to are working full time to pay bills, but once they’ve covered rent, heat and other utilities there isn’t much left over for quality, healthy, nutritious food. 

These are the stories of hunger and they come from every walk of life, every race, every area of our communities. These people are our neighbors, family and friends and we work to support and help them at a time of great uncertainty, at a time when they need it most, and at a time when they don’t know where else to turn. 

Your continued support is the foundation that allows us to do what we can to fight hunger in Kentucky. Just $1 lets us acquire nine pounds of food, equal to eight meals for a family in need. Now more than ever, as the pandemic continues to affect people in our own communities, that support is needed and appreciated.

If you haven’t already, consider becoming a Faithful Partner by creating a recurring monthly donation. The consistent support provides reliable funding for us and is more convenient for you.

For many, though, contributing financially just isn’t an option. If that is the case, consider supporting us by volunteering at our volunteer center or at a food distribution at one of our partner agencies in your county. And make sure you follow us on social media if you haven’t already – Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn. Simply liking and sharing a social post goes a long way for expanding the awareness of what we do and who we are.

Another simple option is to host a virtual food drive. Donors can “shop” online for food at what it costs us to buy it which, since we can leverage our buying power, is much less than what it would cost in a grocery store. Visit our fundraising website, select “Start a Virtual Food Drive” and follow instructions to get started today! 

Let’s continue to work together to make sure no one in our service area goes to bed hungry, and let’s look forward to all we can do to fight hunger in Kentucky.

  • Jamie Sizemore, FAKH Executive Director






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