New Volunteer Center Policies

We are constantly looking for ways in which we can be a better, more efficient organization.  That includes creating a safe place for those across the region to volunteer their time.  That being said, starting in January 2018 we will be implementing a few new policies at our Volunteer Center.  These changes are listed below, and you can also find them on the Volunteer Page.

1.  Starting in January, EVERY adult volunteer will be required to fill out a new volunteer form.  This will allow us to update our records and ensure that we have a liability/media waiver on file for all volunteers.  Even if you have volunteered with us before, you will still need to complete a new form.  We do not plan on requiring a new form for each visit, but we will continue to make efforts to update our records periodically. You are welcome to complete the Individual Volunteer Form and bring it with you when you come or you can do it at the Volunteer Center

2.  Groups of volunteers that are under 18 years old (i.e. school groups, church groups, etc) will be required to complete a new Volunteer Group Form EACH time they volunteer. This is to ensure we have a waiver for each person in the group.

3.  *IMPORTANT* EVERY volunteer will now be required to  sign-in and sign-out at the front desk.  Regardless of whether you are volunteering as an individual, family, or group, every individual must be listed in the sign-in book.  This is for safety reasons and ensures that we know who is in the building at all times.  Anyone who does not sign-in and/or sign-out will not be given credit for their hours.

4.  If a volunteer group is scheduled for a recurring volunteer night (i.e. monthly, etc) and doesn’t show up, without prior notice, for 3 dates in a row then all future volunteer dates for that group will be cancelled. The group will then need to call the Volunteer Center to get back on the schedule.

As always, if you have any questions about these changes, or any of our policies, please contact us at 270-735-1407






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