May Isn’t Always About Celebrating


The month of May brings with it a lot of things to celebrate here in Kentucky: the arrival of spring, the Kentucky Derby, and of course the end of the school year.  In addition, many will soon be celebrating a graduation.  From kindergarteners to college students, thousands of people all across our region will be completing another chapter in their lives in hopes of bettering themselves.

But for more than 19,000 people in the 42 counties we serve, this is not something they will be doing this May.  11% of those who visit our partner agencies have had to choose between paying for education and paying for food.  This means that they have had to give up pursuing their education, and a better life, in order to make sure one of life’s most basic needs can be provided.

Your support of FAKH, and our partner agencies, will not only provide food to individuals all across our region, but you will also be giving them a chance to better their lives by refocusing resources on opportunities such as education and job readiness programs.

May is such a great time in Kentucky. Shouldn’t we all get the chance to celebrate? 





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