Fighting More Than Just Hunger

Between last month being National Heart Awareness Month and March being National Nutrition Month, there has been even more focus placed on the health of our society lately.  As you may or may not realize, most of the health issues plaguing our country aren’t caused by one single factor.  Obesity is not just caused by overeating, lung cancer is not just caused by smoking, and even allergies are not just caused by air pollutants.  More often than not, there are multiple factors that are intertwined and connected in a surprising, yet logical way. 

The individuals and families served by our partner agencies are usually faced with limited resources and therefore often lack a stable source of food.  But this affects more than just their ability to put food on the table each night; it also affects their health. 

When your resources are limited, ultimately so are your food options.  When the choice is whether to buy healthy foods that will feed 1-2 people for a few days or not-so-healthy foods that will feed 2-4 people for the entire week, the answer is obvious.  Over time these choices, and lack of proper nutrition, can lead to severe health problems, including high blood pressure. 

More than half of the households we serve have at least one member with high blood pressure.  This is a startling fact when you consider that those who suffer from high blood pressure are more likely to develop cardiovascular diseases and have a shorter life expectancy.

But there is hope!  With your help, we can not only provide those in our region with a stable source of food, but we can also provide them with the nutrition they need to live a healthier life. Programs like the Farms to Food Banks Program provide fresh fruits, vegetables, and other wholesome foods that can help improve the health of those we serve.  Most everyone in our country could stand to eat a little better, will you help us provide this option to those struggling in our region?





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