Fighting Hunger One Meal at a Time

For most of us, the end of December is when we like to reflect back on the past year and rejoice in the good times and learn from the not-so-good times.  But here at FAKH, we like to do our reflecting in January.

Each January we look back over the past twelve months and what has been accomplished.  And each year we are amazed.  Thanks to the generosity of our supporters, FAKH is able to provide help to thousands of people across our region each year.  This includes the donors who provide the money necessary to purchase the food, the volunteers who give up their time to pack the food, and those who help spread the word and make sure the issue of hunger is not forgotten.

Sometimes, the numbers we report are hard to wrap your mind around.  It’s hard to understand what millions of pounds of food means or what thousands of hour’s means for the purpose of our organization.  However, there is one number we know everyone can understand.


That’s how many meals our supporters were able to provide in 2017.  That’s 12 million meals that were given to children, families, and seniors who otherwise might not have anything to eat.  That is something to truly be proud of.  So from the entire FAKH staff, THANK YOU to everyone who helped make this possible.





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