Farms to Food Bank Program Helps Eliminate Food Waste

Every day, more than 197 million pounds of food goes to waste.1  Not spoiled milk or rotten vegetables, but perfectly good food suitable for consumption.  The amount of waste that occurs in our country is no secret, but that doesn’t make it any easier to accept.  Fortunately, the focus on this issue, and efforts to address it, continue to increase.  One of these efforts is the Farms to Food Banks Program.

The Farms to Food Banks Program was implemented statewide by the Kentucky Association of Food Banks (KAFB) in 2011 with the goals of assisting both Kentucky farmers and those struggling with hunger.  Through this program, and money provided by the State of Kentucky, KAFB purchases excess produce from local Kentucky farmers.  This produce is then sent to the seven food banks serving our state, including Feeding America, Kentucky’s Heartland, and finally distributed to those who struggle to meet their own food needs.  As a result, this program is beneficial three times over – excess food which was once plowed under or thrown away can be provided to area food banks instead of going waste; struggling local farmers have an added market and source of income; and food insecure community members receive healthy, fresh food. Last summer, our supporters helped distribute close to 600,000 pounds of fresh, Kentucky grown produce received through the Farms to Food Banks Program.

But while the cost of the produce is covered, the cost to distribute these items is not. Therefore, we must continue to rely on our supporters to help us pay for the logistical expenses associated with these distributions. Click HERE to make a donation and help ensure that less food goes to waste, local farmers have added income, and healthy, nutritious food options are available to your neighbors who struggle to put food on the table. For every $1 donated, 10 pounds of fresh, Kentucky grown food products will be delivered to those in need.

Here are a few tips to help reduce food waste in your own home as well!


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