Eating Healthy Isn’t Always An Option

It’s fair to say that we all make poor food choices from time to time. Whether that’s stopping at McDonald’s for dinner after a busy day, eating more than your share of donuts at the staff meeting, or cooling off with an ice cold Coke instead of water.  None of us eat the way we should 100% of the time. But it’s also fair to say that most of us probably try to limit these not-so-good choices as well as incorporate some fresh, healthy foods into our diet.  Unfortunately, for many across our region, this is not a luxury they have.

88% of those that we serve report purchasing inexpensive and unhealthy food to ensure they can have enough to feed their family.  

For these individuals and families, this is their only option.  When resources are limited, the logic becomes “unhealthy food is better than no food”.  So while many of us may crave, or “splurge” on something with little-to-no nutritional value, those we serve are doing just the opposite.  Having fresh, nutritional foods such as fruits and vegetables must be carefully considered and planned for.  It is something that is reserved for rare and/or special occasions, if at all.  In a country overflowing with food, no one should be forced to make this decision.

That is why we are proud to participate in programs, such as the Farms to Food Banks Program, that provide those we serve with fresh, nutritious foods.  Last year, supporters like you helped distribute more than 800,000 lbs. of fresh produce across the 42 counties in our service area.  Let’s make this year even better.   CLICK HERE to provide fresh fruits and vegetables to someone in need!





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