Agency Spotlight: The Lighthouse at Nolin Lake

The Lighthouse at Nolin Lake is just one of our partner agencies in the Mammoth Cave area that works to distribute food to their community.  Each year, their food pantry provides assistance to over 500 people who are struggling to meet one of life’s basic necessities.

One of the people working hard to make sure the food needs of the local community are met is Christopher Mathews.  Christopher, a Long Beach, CA native who now calls Mammoth Cave home, has been the pastor at The Lighthouse Fellowship for three years.  In addition to his pastoral duties and fostering the spiritual needs of those around him, he also fosters their physical needs by overseeing the food pantry.  When asked what inspired him to get involved, Christopher simply said, “I wanted to better serve the community.”

Through the food pantry, Christopher and The Lighthouse at Nolin Lake are able to provide hundreds of people with a reliable source of food for themselves and their families.  Without this assistance, many of them would go hungry.  With so much to be proud of, Christopher says the most rewarding part of his job is “seeing the needy get the assistance they need.”

To learn more about the services provided by The Lighthouse at Nolin Lake and how you can help people, please contact Christopher Mathews at 270-286-8100.






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