Agency Spotlight: Russell County Senior Center

Cristy Cundiff, Director of the Russell County Senior Center

FAKH currently works with five partner agencies in Russell County to serve families, seniors, and children who don’t always know where their next meal will come from.  One of those agencies committed to making sure the needs of people, specifically senior citizens, in Jamestown and the surrounding areas are met is the Russell County Senior Center

Each month staff members work hard to provide food assistance to seniors in their community through various programs.  One of these programs is the Commodity and Supplemental Food Program (CSFP), or Senior Box Program, which provides government commodities once a month to qualified seniors, age 60 and over, who struggle to meet their needs on their own.   This program ensures that nearly 200 seniors in Russell County have a reliable source of food each month. Cristy Cundiff, the Director of the Russell County Senior Center, has seen firsthand how beneficial it is.

“The commodities program can be the little bit of help that keeps a senior from having to choose between buying food and their medicine,” said Cundiff.

Cristy has been involved with the organization for the past ten years and is responsible for the day-to-day activities of the center.  The services they provide go well beyond the food program.  In addition to serving 178 people through CSFP Program each month, they also serve roughly 300 people through their other programs, including Meals-on-Wheels, recreation programs, and providing transportation.  When asked what motivated her to get involved she explained “I wanted to serve the senior citizens of my community to the best of my ability.  I enjoy the feeling I get in knowing that I am helping change lives and encourage people in the last half of their lives.”  In addition to working at the Senior Center, Cristy also helps change the lives of those in her community by volunteering with the Elder Abuse Council and leading the youth group at her church.

“Having the opportunity to work at the senior center allows us to be the hands and feet of an agency helping change lives for the better and show them, one family at a time, that they are valued,” said Cristy.



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