Agency Spotlight: Monroe County Community OutReach

June 7, 2017 – Those who struggle with hunger often face other issues related to poverty with which they also need assistance.  One of our partner agencies in the Tompkinsville area – Monroe County Community OutReach, Inc. – goes well beyond just providing much needed food.  They also run a 12-bed emergency homeless shelter, a thrift store, and a program that helps provide transportation to those looking for jobs and housing.

One of the staff members working hard to make sure that those being served are taken care of is Yvonne Fields.  Yvonne, a Louisville native who now calls Tompkinsville home, has been with the agency for over 20 years, and has served as the Director of Operations for the past 16 years.  One of her duties is to oversee the food pantry.  Each month the pantry helps over 900 people who struggle to obtain enough food to live a healthy life.  “Monroe County is a rural community with a large number of disabled and retired families.  Having a food pantry is a help to those here on a limited income,” says Yvonne.

With so much to be proud of, Yvonne says the most rewarding part of her job is “helping the homeless get back on their feet.”  In 2016, Yvonne, and the shelter, served more than 45 men, women, and children. When asked what inspired her to become so involved in the community, Yvonne’s response was simple, “I enjoy helping people.”





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