Agency Spotlight: Metcalfe County Food Pantry

Metcalfe County Food Pantry is just one of our partner agencies in the Edmonton area that works to distribute food to their community.  Each month their food pantry provides assistance to over 450 people who are struggling to meet one of life’s basic necessities.

Kathy Powers, Social Services Manager

Kathy Powers, the Social Services Manager and Metcalfe County Food Pantry, has lived in Metcalfe County her entire life. For the past four and a half years, she has been responsible for the food pantry and other services provided by the organization.  When asked what inspired her to get involved and what she enjoys most about her role, she responded, “I love to help people. Having a child hug you because they now have food to eat is the most rewarding experience.”

Metcalfe County Food Pantry provides more than just food assistance to those in their area.  The agency also offers a homeless shelter, computers to help with finding work, and other assistance with life skills.  All of these services help them “make progress towards a better life,” says Powers.

To learn more about the services provided by the Metcalfe County Food Pantry, please contact Kathy Powers at 270-432-7204 ext. #4.






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