Agency Spotlight: Double Springs Manor

July 13, 2017 – Double Springs Manor in Bowling Green, KY is just one of the partner agencies we work with in Warren County to ensure that the needs of local senior citizens are met.  Each month the staff distribute boxes of food to 100 of their tenants.

These boxes are part of the Commodity and Supplemental Food Program (CSFP), a program that provides food assistance to those over 60 years old who are faced with a limited income.  Many of those on the program are retired and/or disabled. This, coupled with rising medical costs and other bills, makes it hard for them to meet their own needs.

Icy Norris, a Bowling Green native, is one of the staff members responsible for making sure these tenants receive their box each and every month.  “I enjoy helping my tenants.  Seeing those big smiles and getting those big hugs is truly rewarding,” said Icy when asked what she enjoyed most about her job. Unfortunately, sometimes the food these tenants receive from Icy and other staff members is the only food they will have for 





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