Feeding America, Kentucky’s Heartland announces completion of infrastructure investments

June 23, 2023 – Feeding America, Kentucky’s Heartland (FAKH) has announced the completion of major infrastructure investment upgrades to its Volunteer Center and Main Facility, both of which are located in Elizabethtown. Total infrastructure investment upgrades for both facilities totaled $1,044,915.

Upgrades to the Volunteer Center include new cooling and heating units for the warehouse; a remodel of the volunteer reception area with new amenities including a kitchenette provided by Walter’s Cabinetry; a new mural from local artist Courtney Ballard; lockers for volunteers to store their personal belongings; and new tables, chairs and a television. Other upgrades included the installation of a new cardboard crusher and a newly-installed illuminated sign.

“Through these upgrades, our aim is to significantly improve our volunteers’ experience,” said FAKH executive director, Jamie Sizemore. “When individuals graciously donate their valuable time to assist us in helping our neighbors facing hunger, it is important to us that they have a positive and fulfilling experience with our organization.”

Volunteer reception area upgrades were made possible through a grant from Food Lion Feeds Charitable Foundation.

“Our foundation believes in investing in organizations that make a real difference when it comes to addressing food insecurity, and Feeding America, Kentucky’s Heartland truly aligns with our values,” said Regional Marketing and Community Relations Specialist of Food Lion, Craig Hopkins.

Upgrades to the Main Facility include the addition of a two-story office area within the existing structure, featuring nine offices and a large conference room with multi-media technology; cold storage improvements, including a complete rebuild of a freezer and cooler that were original to the 1998 construction of the building; warehouse improvements, including new racking and the purchase of two new forklifts; and the addition of a new illuminated sign.

These FAKH Main Facility improvements come after the sprinkler system in the facility froze and burst in January, 2022, flooding the entire office area. This incident occurred just one month after the devastating tornadoes that struck western Kentucky, which affected 15 counties in FAKH’s service region.

“Our dedicated FAKH board of directors saw the need for these major infrastructure investments so we can continue to improve our services and make an even greater impact throughout our region,” Sizemore said. “We were very fortunate to cover many of the costs with foundation, USDA and other grants along with regional organizational support.”

FAKH celebrated these renovations with a Ribbon Cutting event. Watch our recap video from the event:






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