Retirement Isn’t All Fun and Games

Last month, more than 234,000 jobs were generated by American employers.1  For many, obtaining employment means that they are one step closer to being able to support themselves and their families.  They are one step closer to not relying on their local food pantry for fill their dinner plates each night.  One step closer to not relying on the Community Health Clinic to meet their medical needs.  One step closer to continuing their education.  But for many others, this is not an option.

32% of those served by FAKH and our partner agencies are retired. 

That’s nearly 56,000 people who, despite working most of their lives, are struggling to meet their own needs.  These are individuals who are doing everything they can to stretch their limited income in order to cover the basics.  After the housing, transportation, medical, and utility expenses are taken care of there isn’t always enough left to stock the pantry.  But luckily, our partner agencies are working hard each and every day to address this problem.  Working hard to ensure that food is always available.

So, while no one ever expects to be in this situation, shouldn’t we help others during their time of need so that someone might help us in the future?






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