I Am FAKH – Johnalma Barnett

April is Volunteer Appreciation Month, a time to honor those who selflessly give their time to make a difference in our communities.

Johnalma Barnett exemplifies this spirit in Warren County, coordinating the Lampkin Park commodities distribution monthly, ensuring that her neighbors have access to essential food resources. But her impact extends beyond food – Johnalma connects with those she serves, offering respect and dignity.

In Johnalma’s words, “You never know the last time some of these people heard their name … They deserve to feel human, even when the world treats them less.”

Beyond her work at Lampkin Park, Johnalma is actively involved in various organizations, including the First Christian Church Community Grocery Store, where she volunteers to assist neighbors in selecting foods that they need. Her dedication to making a difference reminds us of the power of compassion and the profound impact one person can have on the lives of others.

This Volunteer Appreciation Month, let’s take a moment to recognize and thank volunteers, like Johnalma and countless others, whose kindness strengthens our communities.

To hear more about Johnalma’s work with FAKH, watch our video.